Our story

Two sisters named Madeleine and Lillian embarked on a thrilling journey to bring their shared passion for fashion to life. Inspired by their grandmother's impeccable style and their own creative flair, they founded a company called Madily.  With a dream in their hearts and determination in their souls, the sisters curated a collection of exquisite fashion and luxury items that transcended trends and celebrated individuality. 

Their vision was to empower people to express themselves through the art of fashion, and they poured their hearts into sourcing unique, high-quality pieces that would inspire confidence and elegance.  The sisters' genuine love for their customers created a warm and inviting shopping experience. They believe that every person should feel valued and understood, through their unwavering dedication and innovative spirit, Their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices further endeared them to their growing customer base, as they took deliberate steps to minimize their environmental footprint and support fair trade initiatives. 

Today, Madily continues to thrive as a beacon of fashion excellence. With each new collection, the sisters honor their heritage while embracing contemporary trends, always staying true to their initial vision of empowering individuals to embrace their unique style and celebrate their own extraordinary journey through the world of fashion and luxury.

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